after waiting more than 6 hours in Paris (fly got delayed thank to technical problems) I had a beautiful sunset somewhere over Norway

the first thing I saw of Japan – snowy mountains…

but in Tokyo it’s more like… grey? some shiny golden unko (that’s your fault Ru-chan!) – actually it’s some art on the top of Asahi-brewery and in the back you can see Tokyo Sky Tree the to be new emblem of Tokyo – in this area I am living the next two weeks – I really like it! tiny houses and shops and restaurants… more on that 下町 (shitamachi/ downtown)-area during the next days

oh and I had my first Japanese meal: Soba – おいしい! (Buchweizennudeln)
now I am really tired… b/w about me being able to sleep everywhere, even in an airplane… I couldn’t -.- I’ve got maybe 4 hours of sleep during the last 24 hours… but I plan to stay awake until 10 pm, or I won’t get over my jet-lag… taking a shower now

until the next time!


7 thoughts on “arrival…

  1. thefortysecond

    I am so glad that you’re the one who ended up going, of our circle of friends- you are a good photographer! I can’t believe you took all this from moving vehicles, amazing ♥

  2. soothing_sight

    Okay. I’m now tracking your journal, so I won’t miss any other of your entries. ♥

    SO YOU ARE OKAY?!!! Okay.

    And STUNNING PICTURES!! Wow… You make me realise how I’ll be getting to Japan myself in September. How I am going to see some of these things myself.

    How dramatic, those mountains. AH! Clara! How are you feeling? Okay. Off to your second post.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice pictures!

    I really like the flying seahorse, though it’s not originally japanese!
    But at least they served japanese meal 😉



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