stroll (until I’ve got blood in my shoe ^^;;;)

since I don’t know how often I will update here – I’ll do it while I have time – and since I am still pretty tired from the trip it’s a good calm-down thing (but had a good nights sleep – like dead… no dream I can remember about T_T and I wanted to see a dream which will come true…)
I walked today… from 10 am until 4pm – from my hostel (near Asakusa Station) to Ueno – Ueno park and the area around – then used Yamanote-sen to go to Tokyo Station – from there walked back to Ueno – through Nihonbashi and Akihabara – then took the Ginza-line to Asakusa and finally back to my hostel… there I noticed the blood ^^;;; I guess I’ll wear other shoes tomorrow and this evening
In between I had a small lunch (onigiri and soda) in a small park in Nihonbashi

Why am I showing this… look, at the top of this building – that’s a golf-putting-place… there are people up there training their golf-skills (I also saw a basketball and a football-roof – it seems there is either a ball-/sports-park, a garden or an even smaller house on every roof)

Asakusa-dori – contrasts

street in Ueno – you see the little Panda-ads? They are everywhere in Ueno – because last week (I think) at Ueno-Zoo arrived two Pandas, borrowed from China – it’s like a national event! So, if you see Pandas – it’s either Ueno or a Chinese restaurant ;P

in Ueno-park

This burning car – as much as I know it’s for sweet-potatoes – they get grilled over the fire and sold from the car – the guy is driving around and singing the whole time (reminds me of some weird experiments… but I wanna try, should be really delicious, at least it smells like that)

contrast in Ueno

and that’s near Tokyo station… a bit more like the Tokyo one imagines (ok, the old building on the left seems out of place… but even Tokyo Station is build this way (but unfortunately completely covered with awning ^^;;;)

Nihonbashi-bridge: it’s really pretty, an old stone bridge from the late 19th century, the only one you can still find in Tokyo today

Mitsukoshi – one of Japans most famous departement-stores, such dignified atmosphere

That’s in Akiba – can you identify what’s displayed there? let’s just say… it reminded me of St. Pauli in Hamburg, but BIGGER and more people and just overall crazier (I wonder how it will be at night…)

my last pic for today… I saw quite a lot blooming trees today – but this one was my favourite – again, the contrasts – Sumida-gawa


5 thoughts on “stroll (until I’ve got blood in my shoe ^^;;;)

  1. thefortysecond

    I can’t believe people would play golf (or any other ball game!) on a roof, what happens if it falls off the building?

    And the sweet potato truck- it reminds me about the AnS where they talked about that ♥ I remember thinking I’d like to try that once! Did you buy one?

    1. mariasora Post author

      I didn’t buy… I was tempted… but he was about to depart…
      it reminded me of AnS too ^_^ and Freeter (I think they ate it at night?!)

    2. mariasora Post author

      and about the balls… there are nets all around and even at the ceiling…
      all the roofs seems to be either ball/sports-parks, gardens or spaces for an even smaller house on top…


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