I’m walking in the rain, just walking in the rain… no, I’m not – this song just popped up in mind

I’m walking in the rain, just walking in the rain… no, I’m not – this song just popped up in mind

It’s really sunny outside – but cold… I am walking around the town for three straight days now… my feets are hurting, but I can’t get enough of this city… I’ve gotten used to Metro (it’s just like in Berlin – apart from everything being Japanese… but since we are in Tokyo, everything is displayed in Latin alphabet too)
this will be a LONG entry… I haven’t posted for the last two days and there are about 200 or so pics to select from and some random things I want to talk about…

since internet is constantly dying on me… I will split the post into at least three different posts instead of writing everything at once – and post the others later

Shimbashi –> Atago (Atago Jinji, Atago Green Hills) –> Tokyo Tower –> Zojoji –> Hinode Pier –> Ferry to Odaiba –> Odaiba (Odaiba Park, Fuji TV) –> Roppongi (Roppongi Hills, Nara, TV Asahi) –>Akasaka –> back to hostel… almost dead from walking around so much

In front of Shimbashi-station an old train is displayed – it’s because from there was the first train running (to Yokohama? – have to check this later again) – but before I could shot this pic… I had to buy me a new SD-card, not because the other one was full – I just forgot it in my computer *dizzy me*

I started walking from here – my first glance at Tokyo Tower and the skyscrapers on Atago Green Hills (the one in front named “Mori Tower” – I will come back to Mori later, when I talked about my adventure last night – just let’s state, there are a lot of “Mori” Towers/Buildings in Tokyo… and I really wondered about this)

to Atago Jinji(Atago Shrine), this is the place where the 47 Samurai are buried – it’s like an oasis – maybe one of my favourite places in Tokyo until now
People used to go up those stairs by horse – kinda amazing, but also crazy

The area on Atago Hill:
The pond

Sakura in front of the Shrine building

The Shrine from a bit afar… to show you, it’s surrounded by Skyscrapers and “normal” city life – but everything on a Hill (now I now, why there are places with the Kanji for valley in Tokyo – I am constantly walking up and down)

There is a cemetery just behind Mori-Building

This is already next to Tokyo Tower

You can see it? The Tower I mean?!

Those little guys are called Jizo (with a long o) – deities, especially for children, born and unborn, dead and alive children, they are protecting them – I shoot this on Zojoji-ground

The red Daimon (Big Gate) of Zojoji – it’s the biggest wooden building in Japan (is what my travel-guide is saying) and the Temple itself was one of the biggest in Edo –completely destroyed during World War II, it’s gotten re-build in the 1950th, only the Daimon is original

Then I walked to Hanode Pier – to take the ferry to Odaiba – an artificial island in Tokyo Bay – and this is the famous Rainbow Bridge, seen on-board

I guess I don’t have to visit New York anymore…

Fuji TV – a big Japanese private television station – you see the huge ball? It’s on the 25th floor and I went up there

To see this

And this

Aren’t they adorable?! On my way to Roppongi Hills

The Big Spider in Roppongi Hills and one of the buildings (North Tower) – the area is filled with restaurants, shops, galleries… and in there was also the exhibition of Nara-san’s woodblock-prints I wanted to see

Akasaka – street-view

End of part I

I went out at 7 to get myself something to eat (again Soba –I love it!) and then used the train to go to Ginza – the famous, unbelievable expensive area in Tokyo, where all the big brands have their shops and the rich people going out…
I went there, because I wanted to visit a certain bar: M&Y Kisling (see the location and some pics from google – I didn’t took any pics)
Y & M Kisling
Why – you may ask.
Because, it’s said to be one of the best bars in the world, serving a perfect Martini, having a dignified atmosphere you are about to experience just once in life… And I like bars. I planned to go there, take one or two drinks (too expensive otherwise) and go back around midnight, because that’s the time the last trains are running…
I stayed until 2:30, totally missed my train and had to take a Taxi
I thought it would be really difficult to find the place, it’s on the 7th floor of a building in a small street and only a small plate is telling you it’s there… but I found it, pretty fast. On the street were young women, dressed either in gorgeous Kimonos or high-class dresses – I felt a bit unsure – I made sure to look good and dressed up and even spent about half an hour to get a decent make-up , but still… nothing beats the perfectness of a Japanese girl’s make-up
I hesitated half a second to go inside – but I was already there, so I took the elevator to the 7th floor and went in.
I can’t describe how I felt, how I got overwhelmed from the dignified atmosphere, the perfect service (they took my coat and put it somewhere else, a perfectly dressed bartender guided me to a chair in the middle of the counter (about four steps away from the door… this place it tiny!), then I got my warm, slightly minty smelling hand-towel Bar-Jazz in the background.
I ordered my Martini – and then HE arrived on stage. I read about this bar and the head-bartender. He is an old guy (something between 70 and 80 years old), already retired, but came back, just for this bar and its important owner Mori-san (yes THE “Mori”-buildings Mori-san… that’s the “M” in the bars name, the “Y” is for the head-bartenders name and the Kisling stands for a drawing Jean Kisling made in the 1920th of a beautiful young lady in a red dress – it’s displayed right in the middle of the bar’s wall – the head-bartender saw me looking curious at this drawing and came to show me a magazine with more pictures of Jean Kisling and explained a bit – in Japanese-English-mix I was actually able to understand pretty well)
Y-san arrived to prepare my Martini – he isn’t working every day, I was really lucky! It was like watching a ceremony or a dance – elegant, perfect.
Later he prepared another one for somebody else and he prepare a sweet Martini for a guest who was curious if there are “wet” Martinis since the one I had was a Dry Martini. Y-san gave me a bit of this sweet one, to taste it. Since it’s prepared with an Italian herbal liquor (I forgot the name, but it’s pretty famous and ich weiss genau, dass Mama und Onkelchen den gerne trinken ^_^), it’s got a faint smell of cinnamon and instead of the cool citron-feeling of a Dry Martini it’s herbal and warm. I liked it, but the guy who ordered it thought it was really bad *lol*
While I was drinking and writing I got served some dried fruits and a sweet-bitter flower to eat and also a consommé to drink beforehand.
A bit later a couple, also sitting at the counter got curious about me and we started talking. She is living in Singapore and he is working for SAP – I think they are lovers, even though both are married with other partners (he said he is 51 and has 4 children! I got shocked because I thought he was much younger, maybe 35; she was 33 and beautiful). They got curious, since I am a single woman in a bar and that’s not common. Especially in this bar! “You are so brave!” *HAHAHAHA* In the end we talked (mostly English and a bit Japanese) for 4 hours and he paid for everything. I had a Martini, a bit of a Libido (the head-bartender newest creation, with vodka… too strong for me!), a Café de Tokyo (it’s kinda similar to a Bloody Mary, but besides vodka and tomato-juice there is something else) also a creation of Y-san and in the end a non-alcohol juice-cocktail to get me sober again. Yupp, I was drunk in the end, but not too much and I got home pretty fast and safe.

This whole evening was like a dream to me. And I am still about to realize I really was there.

Later I will meet up with a friend and she will show me her Roppongi ^_^


12 thoughts on “I’m walking in the rain, just walking in the rain… no, I’m not – this song just popped up in mind

  1. thefortysecond

    Oh my… I am enjoying living through you vicariously, this bar experience sounds like something I’d really love! It sounds like such a wonderful relaxing, but upscale time.

    (Wow, and a drink called libido. I assume that he knows what that means, the truth is I’m surprised to hear a name like that in such a high class bar!)

    1. mariasora Post author

      many cocktails and longdrinks have sexual related names… and the stronger the drink get’s the more…

      I’ve never experienced such an upscale atmosphere and I was afraid I would feel uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure how to behave (although I learned a bit during the last weeks – I was especially thankful for the knowledge about what to do with the towel ^^;;;) but the bartenders prepared such a warm feeling – I couldn’t really talk with them but they still recognized every of my interests and reacted accordingly – if it was about the drawing or the sweet martini (which b/w isn’t sweet at all but slightly bitter) – the younger ones weren’t as perfect with this as the head-bartender (one reminded me of Aiba’s co-bartender – I can’t remember his name now, but the funny one), but still so attentive and friendly
      I think you would feel comfortable there too

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! The Y&M really seems to be tiny (nach den Bildern zu urteilen). Looks almost like a cabin of an old sailing vessel. What do think wieviel Leute da reinpassen?


    By the way: the old man with the white smoking on the pictures, is it Mr. Y?

      1. mariasora Post author

        hm… grob gerechnet… 20 Leute in etwa…
        yupp the old guy in white smoking… that’s Y-san

        next time we’ll go together

        love and miss you &hearts

      2. Anonymous

        Wow! A real familiar atmosphere, and grandpa’s serving drinks 😉

        Concerning next time: you can bet on that!

        Love and miss you too (how did you create the heart?)


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