Tokyo Lovers Tune Night

I know I wanted to post about day 3… but you know, I’ve just gotten back from a short evening tour around Tokyo Midtown and Shibuya and there are two pics

in front of Tokyo Midtown at 7 pm

and finally: the proof I am really in Tokyo right now: Miyoko-chan took a pic of me just in the middle of the famous Shibuya-crossing… SO MANY PEOPLE! and every corner has it’s own music playing… it’s so loud there

We wanted to visit her brother-in-laws Izakaya after this… but I am still a bit off-beat after yesterday nights bar-experience ^^;;;
so we’re planing to do this next week


4 thoughts on “Tokyo Lovers Tune Night

  1. Anonymous

    Is it Roppongi?

    ❤ (I know, it’s still black, but obviously larger than the last one – I’m working on it ;))


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