赤から青に変わるシグナル – the signal that changes from red into green

since yesterday was like this

and all I was doing was running around in circles because I couldn’t make out the direction with the snowfall getting heavier… and finally had wet feet and icy fingers *thanks god for the umbrella borrowed in the morning* and just went to take a hot shower and kind of early to sleep – there isn’t much to talk about

so I am skipping right into TODAY! so much to talk about (and yes day 3 has to wait again… ;P)

I gave myself a week to get accustomed to the left-side-driving and -walking and finally I decided to grant my feet some rest – and borrowed a bicycle (points back at the posts title)
the weather you ask? Sunny, ok not completely sunny… but nice, no rain, no snow – spring-like driving around with bicycle weather

I really wouldn’t wanted to be a cyr-driver in this city… people riding their 自転車 in a plain weird and nonsensical way – and there I thought Berlin is a city with no rules for bikes ^^;;;
b/w it’s so cheap! much more cheaper than using the metro or trains

I guess I covered half of the cities eastern and southern part:
from Asakusa –> following the Sumida Gawa –> passing by Tsukiji (the fish-market – no visit, I’ll spare this experience for another day) and Hamarikyu-Koen(a beautiful garden right next to Tokyo Bay – I will come here again with a water-bus from Asakusa) –> my first aim was the Shinagawa-Ura, an area with house boats, tiny "normal" houses and roads which are more like narrow alleys, you can still see the old traces of the former fishermens-town, it felt like a completely other city (if there weren’t the skyscrapers in the background) –> this was my visit to the south –> I went back from Shinagawa-ku to Minato-ku and  took a stroll around the main-building of Keio University (one of the most famous privat Universities of Japan, maybe THE most famous?!) –> did a really useless detour over the hills of Moto-Azabu just to change direction to south again because I also wanted to see Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park in Hiroo –> after this north again –> now going up the Meji-Dori to Shibuya Station –> from there following the roads to Akasaka –> took a look at the National Diet Building and finally had a late Bento with green tee in a park right next to it with a beautiful view down to te greens of the Imperial Palace and the Sakuradamon (one of the entries) –> Ginza to take a pic of a certain bar –> then north-east direction crossing the Sumida Gawa at Eitabashi –> straight north following the river to the Basho Museum, but I couldn’t find anybody to let me in, so I just enjoyed the perfect little garden with it’s artificial hill, small waterfall and intense greenery before I rode my yellow little friend again for the last few kilometers back to Asakusa, not without taking a look at the Sumo-Museum (closed at the moment due to some serious trouble involving illegal betting, underworld and swindle – also the reason the annual spring tournament got cancelled (for those who are interested: an older article), it’s even worse now…) –> and finally back to hostel –> bringing back the bike, taking a little stroll to cool down again, buying some groceries, preparing a healthy and oishii meal (rice, japanese mountain vegetables, tofu) and now typing (for already an hour and still not decided on the pics >_<)

this days photo-spam themes: water, houses, whut?

ehm – yeah, water – house – whut?!

no water but eh? I love this city!!

my yellow little friend – isn’t he adorable? I wasn’t creative enough to find a name for him, but at least a gender and some love (in front of Hamarikyu-Koen)

the house was exactly wide enough for parking spaces on the ground-floor…


Canal around Tennozu-Isle


Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park

Bento-break (food’s still in my bag)

Tenessee Walz (just for you my dear – YAY for stalker-skills!)

from Eitaibashi

Basho Museum

This gentleman was running in such a hurry – all blurry… he left the Basho-Museum the moment I entered the ground

I am pretty sure this is one of those restaurants many former Sumo-wrestlers open after retiring

ok, last pic – it’s a riddle – what was I taking a picture of here?  who’s got it right is getting a virtual panda-shaped cookie

o-yasumi nasai


13 thoughts on “赤から青に変わるシグナル – the signal that changes from red into green

  1. soothing_sight

    Wow!! Such a delightful picspam!! And… Tenessee Waltz? Bartender 5’s Tenessee Waltz? xD How funny!

    It seemed like it was a most splendid day!! I can’t believe how much touring you are doing all around Tokyo. Wow, girl!! You’ve got to teach me how to tour cities. And what a cute bike! Cute friend! 😀 Aaah, this seems to have been quite a wonderful day! YAY! ! ! And chances are I will not even get to see Tokyo next year. ^^;; Crazy, right? Aaaanyhow.

    I have no idea what it is shot there. I feel it would be related to Arashi, somehow. No? You got to give us some clues! Or else I won’t get a panda-shaped virtual cookie. And you’ve made me hungry, you know. Hungry.



    1. mariasora Post author

      yupp the Bartenders Tennessee Walz ^O^
      my way touring? just go somewhere and start walking or vorrow a bike, search for a far-away goal and start
      kind of unplaned but funny!

      Why won’t you go? What hapend?

      no Arashi-relation… let’s say – it’s about proportion? maybe? look at the entries title again…

      hungry is good! me too… I will go having breakfast now *chuuus*

      1. soothing_sight

        Aah, it’s breakfast time for Clara in Japan!! 😀 Ohayou!!

        I will try it. Being adventurous, and random, while I visit Japan. 😀

        Ah, Tokyo. Chances are, I won’t even reach Kyoto. I’ll be HOURS away from these major towns, and will be living on a very, very, very tiny budget over 11 months, which won’t allow me much touring. I’ll be living in Japan, experiencing my neighbourhood and little town, period. But, hey, I’ll learn the language, and I’ll possibly make new friends. It’ll be a good experience. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe. These cities will wait for me when I return for a second trip in a few years. 🙂

      2. mariasora Post author

        You may be hours away… but you still should visit! save some money beforehand just for that… or be a bad girl and use a creditcard without thinking…
        but HEY you are in Japan!

        *chuuuus good night!*

      3. soothing_sight

        Eleven months is a long time and lots of expenses, you know? I’ll do my best. I might even try finding a job while in Japan. I could possibly give some English lessons. : )

        I’m off to read your entries!! Sweet dreams baby!! ;P


  2. sharksoul24

    The picture are so pretty ! You have been going to a lot of beautiful place 😀

    It’s seem you are having a lot of fun, your awesome yellow bike makes me think of Aiba in Bartender xD

    And I agree with the comment above I need more clues! I want my panda xD

    Is there a person in the pic? is it the building? lol

    Keep having tons of fun 😀

    1. mariasora Post author

      you are good with building… the question is – which one?!
      Thank you! It is so awesome to go around by bike! So much fun! Tokyo is a great city for cycling!

  3. Anonymous

    Now I found the boathouses (Shinagawa-Ura)! At first glance I only saw the skyscrapers, but that’s probably normal if you’re nor used to it 😉



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