my first earthquake
I was feeling seasick afterwards
3 minutes a feeling of riding a boat
I was just about to enjoy my Japanese confectionary and matcha (green tea made from powder), in the middle of a beautiful garden, on the terrace of an elegant teahouse when it started to wave gently
I guess that’s a truly Japanese experience

no pics today (I have a lot but am lazy and tired)


5 thoughts on “~.~

  1. sharksoul24

    Wow that must have been scary D:. But I think they happen often in Japan, so like you said it’s part of the experience o_O

    Hope you got to enjoy your tea and the beatiful garden afterwards. 😀

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds strange!

    How did the people react? Where they surprised or was it a kind of routine for them?


    1. mariasora Post author

      even the Japanese around me were kind of surprised… it was really long and kind of strrong – even for them
      but everybody was calm and shortly after it already didn’t think about it anymore


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