finally some food…

I wrote something about wanting to post pictures of food here… I didn’t even once until now
Why? I was always too hungry and remembered about taking pics just afterwards ^^;;;

so today, the food-spam:

Matcha and Japanese Confectionary – just seconds before the earthquake – on terrace of the Teahouse of Hamarikyu-Koen

Isn’t this beautiful? The wooden thing is for cutting it into smaller pieces before picking it up with it and eat. It was filled with re-bean-paste! I love everything with red-bean-paste!

The pattern of the bowl was really nice – I could see it after finishing the tea.

At Asahi Skybar with Ahn (Korea) and Etienne (France) – amazing view over the town, no food but Wiskey on the Rocks for Ahn and cold Cidre for me – only Etienne did it right, this is a brewery, he had beer.

My lunch today – o-Bento (with salmon, rice, egg and things I don’t know but are really yummie) and Karage (something fried – I am actually not sure what it was, but it was good) – I love it, it’s just cheap food from the supermarket but tastes great and fresh. I’m having something like this almost every day for lunch, sitting somewhere outside in the sun

Only the best parts getting used (red arrow) – I really had to laugh when I saw this pic

Dinner-preparation: again some nice Korean food – Ahn is a great cook and he showed me how to make this (meat, onions, garlic, leek, sugar, soysauce – let it rest for at least half an hour, then fry it)

Finished: our dinner included rice, strawberrys and lettuce and Curry – made by Rintaro (you will see him in the next pic)

There they are: Etienne, Oli (Great Britain), Ahn, Rintaro (Hostel-staff) in the "lounge" – just before we started to eat…

We had a nice evening! Now I am full and am going to sleep soon.

Tomorrow Aya will show me Hayama.

O-yasumi nasai


9 thoughts on “finally some food…

      1. Anonymous

        Looks really delicate, but are the strawberries affordable?

        Bonne nuit,

        PS: Have you already met any loose pandas on your wanderings 😉

      2. mariasora Post author

        they were affordable…smelling like early summer and tasting really sweet – I was surprised too. there is a small store for fresh vegetableas and fruits near the hostel – it’s cheap and good!

        no pandas… but thousands of cats – all without a tail… I don’t get this O_o…

      3. Anonymous

        You never know 😉

        Somehow I feel like der (englische) Knoten ist geplatzt bei mir and I can’t stop writing (or should I rather say spamming?)…
        But only somehow 🙂


      4. mariasora Post author

        ne~ it’s kind of addicting – once you start you want to continue… but I have to sleep… I’ll meet Aya at 9:45 and I will have to wake up early…

        Sei geküsst aus der Ferne!

      5. Anonymous

        Well, at least I’m not the only one 🙂

        Schöne Grüße (an Aya) und Kuss (an dich)!


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