How long is it…

…since i made my last entry? Two month? My letter about my experiences in during the earthquake – now I am back.
I decided to post pics and little stories I remember (maybe I’ll repeat myself – but I try not to) – not chronologic but how they coming into my mind – every few day something new. And I guess I will also start to share some other stories, pictures and stuff I come across.


I’ll start with something about light and views, about architecture and geometry – not to forget reflection and transparency

Do I have to say much? I was impressed of this beautiful example of the clear lines and simple to appear, but in it’s simpleness still dignified and elegant work, of crafts and arts in Japanese architecture

It’s the empress tea house in Meji Jingus inner garden – on a little hill, facing the southern pond. Not the best picture I took during my stay – but I really like to remember this place and share.

A second one, again a tea house – in Hamarikyu Koen – I had macha and a small sweet there. The contrast – sitting in the middle of a (saltwater) pond, watching an artificial nature in perfection, surrounded by skyscrapers

b/w for those of you who are on this blog for the first time – I had my first little earthquake over here, like sitting on a floating boat. And the waitress was apologizing for it. I love politeness (even when it was a bit unusual that time *smiles*).

Good night


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