music for the way…

tonight I feel like listening to music I haven’t for month or years – I’ll show you three – really weak for lovesongs

and since my vision is still a bit blurry from last night I’ll also show two photos I took during the last days at evening or night


Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

I don’T know why, but embetting from dailymotion doesn’t work… but at least there you can have the links…should work now…

one of the first (real big) books I ever read was The three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas – including all two sequels (yes there are two, and the second one is divided into two different books) – one can say I was kind of obsessed with it (it must have been when I was around 8 till 11 or so) and in 1993 there was this (Disney *urgh*) movie: The three Musketeers with Charlie Sheen (as my alltime favourite character Athos) and some others I don’t remember (only Kiefer Sutherland as cardinal Richelieu) – the film isn’t really that good, especially when you into the real story as much as I was – so what does this have to do with music I want to listen to you ask… the title-song:
One for all and all for love – Sting, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart – god I loved this song! I cried rivers listening to it

B.Adams,Sting,R.stewart"ALL FOR ONE"
von miklo one the way of searching for the last one I found:

Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life
– oh the memories of youth – was this vdeo always this sexy? I should watch the film once more

Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes-(I’ve Had)
von djoik

Frankfurter Allee


3 thoughts on “music for the way…

  1. soothing_sight

    This first picture. Looks like impressionism. Like a painting. It’s gorgeous. I would have that on my wall, large and glorious.

    All for One, All for Love. I understand!! If anyone here has read the Outlander series by Gabaldon. . . This lyrics, to me, seem to have been written as an oath from Jamie to Claire. And connecting to that feeling in me makes it hard for me to breathe, and makes me want to cry. I know, I know, it hasn’t got to do with the musketeers, but what can you say. The words are him speaking to her for me. Odd, right? I rediscovered the song a few years ago, while being totally immersed in this breathtaking world of Gabaldon. I am not able to finish the last book. ¬_¬ I can’t from them.

    And I need to listen to the two others songs, which I don’t know. 🙂

    1. mariasora Post author

      Thank you Dear ^_^

      I haven’t read the Outlander series, but other books by her – I liked them so much…
      I never really link the song to the film… because the film wasn’t this good – but the song… b/w bf told me he liked it too, without watching the film even once

      You don’t know Tacy Chapman? YOU don’t know Dirty Dancing!!! GO! into your study room! and learn dear, about love and dance and passion!!! politics and femal fighting spirit!!!

      1. soothing_sight

        Turns out I didn’t know this song by Tracy Chapman (which I know know and love, absolutely!), and I knew (phew!) that other song, the Dirty Dancing movie song, ^^;; Sorry about that. I figured by the name of the song you were probably referring to a different song, which you weren’t, and I now feel like a fool. ^^;;;; > even more sweat

        *blows a kiss* I’m off to study. . . actual studies. T_T

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