Watashi no koto ga suki? – Suki da yo

Last night I went to watch Noruwei no Mori / Norwegian Wood / Naokos Lächeln – the first Murakami Haruki-novel ever to get filmed. I guess most of you read articles about it, reviews and maybe even saw it already. This film is like… silent and heartbreaking

It was one of the first Murakami-novels I ever read, and it’s one of my favourites – I cried while reading it – and I hardly ever cry (cold woman – I know)

At first I didn’t wanted to watch it – I hate it if the world I build in my head won’t match with the pictures

But I decided to give it a chance – because I really am fond of Matsuyama Kenichi’s acting, and recently I saw another film with Riko Kikuchi as the lead and was again fascinated and drawn to her unique way

Yes it hurt

I was shocked about the intensity and ugliness and pain Matsuyama depicted after Naoko’s dead. I couldn’t cry with him – just trying to get the chunk of air swallowed down which blocked my throat and normal breathing was keeping me occupied

I don’t want to talk about details. Watch it if you want to know. There are a lot of details. The time, the music, the flashbacks, the light, the colours, the always silent pain of Toru (even when he’s screaming – the water, the music everything screams in a much more louder voice making his scream a whine – but the most hurtful whine) and sometimes outbursting of Naoko, the chocking, the laughing, the seasons, Midori, Kizuki, the cigarettes, the books, the red telephones, the hair-do’s, the close-ups, the wide-angles

just one thing: watch it with a good friend but non-sexual-partner – too much sex for potential lovers, too much trying to figure out what love means and still doing something else for a date with your partner

I am glad to have watched it alone


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