It has been a while…

since my last entry (I wont check how long, but I guess too long)

Just now, I got stunned by the beauty of the new queen of Bhutan:

© Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images

His majesty looks a bit like a rockabilly, but really gentle.

Looks at those colours, aren't they overwhelming? Bright, strong, festive – traditional but alive, vivid. Inspiring!

If we talk about inspiration, just before I discovered the picture of Jetsun Pema (her name is already like a poem), the trailer for a documentary about Charlotte Rampling named "The Look" catched my attention.

Oh, she's gorgious, isn't she? With all her beauty and strength, sexyness and coolness, so English and so French, so intellectuel and so vulgar. You may have notoced I admire her – she's more of a role-model for me than anybody else. Her art of being distant, almost closed and then suddenly her smile or an open laugh or, even more striking, her intriguing way of looking at somebody.

Some more, I wanted to talk about some other things, but at the moment I am too fascinated by several women, I won't talk about me, but them instead.

Today a friend of mine visited me. Spontaneous. It's nice, we don't do spontaneoud visits anymore. When I was a child it was normal – NOBODY had a telephone to call beforehand. Should be do this more often? What do you think? I like the idea. Tell me!

But I wanted to talk about my friend. She's maybe reading this later – so it could be a surprise, but I mean it.
She one of those women who have a particular style. Besides the colour (often black – but not solely) the clothes are always kind of embrasing her, in layers, flowing. She tall and slim, with long blond hair, a vivid smile and a heartwarming laugh.
It's her. I know her since spring, but I guess I already could tell what kind of clothes or style she would like. It's great, her sense for the right choice of material and fit.
She's an artist. In many ways.

I have some more femal friends with a unique, strong style, passionate heart and beaming smile. I guess I am blessed with inspiration swirling around me.

If we talk about swirling – I will still talk about me in the end – I started taking dance-lessons. Modern Dance. Oh it's wonderful (besides the fact my muscles are hurting like hell the next morning). But oh, unlike inspiring female friends I am not blessed with dancing-talent. Wow, I never messed up like I did yesterday in my whole life – embarrassing, SO embarrassing! But my young Punk-dancing-teacher (maybe he isn't?! maybe he's just liking the style? I like his style, including the checked pants, piercings and half-shaved blond hair) was really gentle and tried to help me, never loosing patience… mahhhh, I still messed up. This one combination of movement (legs and arms and rythm) – god I wanted to hide myself in a corner ;^^
But I will continue – when I'm back in Berlin in December (I will leave for six weeks to work in Marbach archiv for German literature and after this I'm going to visit Kopenhagen for 4 days to celebrate my boyfriends 30th birthday), I start with a new set of lessons. Another place but again with my patient teacher. So let's shape up! (for the sake of this I am going to become a pescatarian – a new word I resently learned, vegetarian who still eat's fish – for the following six weeks (not that I'm eating much meat anyway) and train my flexibility, strength and the choreographie I learned during the last six weeks).

That's it.

Did you realise, it's autumn already… (yeah, right, my birthday just passed by – I'm in my 30th year now – I guess it's better not to ramble about it… What do you think, is there some stuff I should experience before I'll get 30?)

*good night* – no stop! I wanna dance tonight! but it's already past 10 and there's still no plan…


3 thoughts on “It has been a while…

    1. mariasora Post author

      Thank you dear ♥

      I wanted to see this film, but didn’t get a chance until now…

      She’s a great role-model. Not perfect but real. Aging in a beautiful natural way and staying true to herself… This is how I would like to be as well.

      1. soothing_sight

        Not perfect but real > There isn’t a perfect being walking this Earth. Or barely. There might be a handful of them only. 🙂

        Staying true to ourselves. At this stage in my life, I am learning what it means to simply be true to myself. It’s a daily struggle here. I run my bike, and remind myself to stop being self-conscious, and just “be”, for heaven’s sake!

        Rambling here too. What is with me tonight?

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