to say it with Goethe: “Sollte diese Qual uns quälen/ […]”

"[…] Da sie unsre Lust vermehrt?" – "Should this distress distress us/ cos it heighten our lust?" (translated by me who read it cited by Mickel who found it while reading Marx) – and yeah, I tried to create a decent translation, but I guess there already a better one somewhere

Like I told you – I am in Marbach now, trying to find my way thru words of geniuses and artist, surrounded by frightening intelligent heads…
let's see, what we getout of it…

hm, today there will be only some photos

the place I am working at – the german archiv of literature

the Schiller national museum

have another one – just because I like the slighty dramatic sky in the background and because I can

the literature museum of modern times (to the left – between this *modern acropolis (not my choice of words but it's kind of evident…) and the tree it goes upstairs to the Collegienhaus)

Schiller (inthe middle of those three)

and finally the place I am livng in

my room

that's it for today!

I am tired and I have a date with a collegue from Berlin – she's also working here at the moment, we wanna have a beer and a chat

I'll show you some pics from this overly pittoresque little town next time


7 thoughts on “to say it with Goethe: “Sollte diese Qual uns quälen/ […]”

  1. Anonymous

    sorry, double post..

    by the way, i’m not sure if i understood goethe right. does he say that lust and pain are combined and that the latter doesn’t mean as much as the first?


    1. mariasora Post author

      ich verstehe es so, dass die Qual in der Erhöhung der Lust liegt – die doch wiederrum zur Qual wird – denn man will immer noch mehr Lust empfinden
      das Empfinden der Lust steigert sich in dem Maße in dem man mehr der der Qual sich ausgesetzt sieht – entweder im Kontrast (wie sich etwas Schönes viel Schöner anfühlt, wenn man es im Kontrast zu etwas Schlimmen erlebt) oder die Qual ird zur Lust (Masochismus, vielleicht nicht ganz so extrem)

      ich müsste mal den Kontext betrachten…


  2. Anonymous

    Concerning the pics: once again I love the combination of old and new buildings, it’s just wonderfully “verbaut” 🙂

    1. mariasora Post author

      “wonderfully” ist auch wonderful “verbaut”

      yupp – es ist wunderschön! und gestern abend war ich mit Julia auf der Dachterasse! WOW so schön!


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