I’m fallen…

I said something about not wanting to eat meat during my stay here, to be healthy, to be diligent, to be just the woman I always want to be… so how did it end… (and this is already only the first week)
I went to Stuttgart today – surprisingly it was nice and much more beautiful than  I thought it would be… (pictures maybe later…)
ok, now, but just one – surprising, right?!

and I went to ZARA – and I bought clothes… almost 80€ worth clothes… Oh lord, I am weak… (but it's worth the money, thos were classics, I tell you classics!)

I went back, met one of my acquaintances here by chance – be bought MEAT! and cooked and it was horrible delicious!!! AHHH and the wine, we had wine from the area around here, and it was EVEN MORE delicious! 3 women, 2 bottles of wine, 1 package of high-class meat and a lot of vegatebles… *bliss*

ahhhh…. I've fallen – we are going to meet for a smoke later… I am smoking, I am drinking, I am eating – but at least I went running and doing some dancing in my room…
oh lord, I am weak…

this morning – beautiful but cold… (view from my window)


3 thoughts on “I’m fallen…

  1. soothing_sight

    This is all so beautiful, Clara. I cannot believe how incredibly romantic Europe is. This is… *sighs* Why was I born in North America, Clara?

    As long as what your diet is balanced… 🙂 (I myself, an 8 y.o. vegetarian… had pork today… And two bars of chocolate. And some ice cream. And some cookies… So, give yourself some leeway. ^_^)

    1. mariasora Post author

      because your mind and whole soul love and need the embrace of the wide nature and air embracing you over there…

      and you can always travel and enjoy what we old-europeans are almost too used to see (b/w this churchs is most propably a 19th century fake…)

      healthy my dear, healthy ;P

      god, I want COOKIES! self-restrain, deep breath and self-restrain


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