last greeting from the sideway

after allowing myself to sleep until waking up on my own, I spent the whole day in my room – reading. having some good food. and reading again.
just now (evening's already there) I went  up to the rooftop to get some fresh air

the deep warmth of autumish air which accompanied my way through the landscape yesterday is gone – the first smell of winter, foggy and even a slight scent of snow is already falling upon the valley crawling all it's way up here

november is ascending not too far away

time to get ourself a  warm place to cuddle at

a last greeting from the sideway

I wonder when I will be able to sleep tonight… I had a hell a lot of coffee and green tea today…

but I still have a vast number of sides to read. I wanna finish this until a new workload's coming over me on monday

until then


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