sunny bloody sunday~

I haven't written for a while – I am lazy… right, I know

today I have some pics and a tragic little story about my stupidy…

I lost my comb – besides the fact it was a lovely present from my former chinese neighboors, perfect for my hair, beautiful in material, form and handling, it is the only comb I have or rather had here – meaning I look like Struwwelpeter after a storm (“Slovenly Peter” for the English/ American/ Canadian…)
do I have to buy a new one now? I mean, I have ahalf a dozen combs and brushes at home… but two weeks without one doesn't sound promising… especially when I'm trying to get the head of this archiv to get me a job or project on the longer run…

ok, let's stop with stupid little stories and head over to the photos

serving today:

Hölderlins room
from afar

a bit nearer

did I mention it's november?

the holy grail(s) of German Literature

this is like naming a steet "Dude Alley" just because the dudes name who used to work on it was "Du" …

I'm off to have a look round the grails again~ Schiller's birthday was on thursday (? it rimes, it has to be true) – so today everything is open for free


4 thoughts on “sunny bloody sunday~

  1. Anonymous

    Thumbs up for Atzenweg!! Is it possible that the “n” was added later? It looks somewhat different from the other letters..

    Where did you encounter all the fog and mist (no, not the german word ;))? Is it Marbach, too?


      1. Anonymous

        Foggy City 🙂

        Concerning the Atzen: maybe I was wrong, because there is no capital w in the name of the street. Anyway, one of the greatest street signs I have ever seen!


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