Happy New Year – Ein Frohes Neues Jahr – あけましておめでとう

2011 – What a year. No – I won’t ever be able to forget. And I don’t want to forget it. I will treasure it, because it made me grow as a person and human. I learned a lot – especially about friendship and how much a sunny day can change into something frightening in a split second. But also how much good can be born from something dark.

A year full of extreme ups and downs. Packed with experiences, overwhelmed by emotions: I laughed and I cried during the past 12 month – a lot more than usually. I took off to my dreamland, got it shattered and newly composed into something real. I would like to go back – no, I will go back – someday not too far away. I lost some illusions and learned a hella lot about myself and others. And I learned not to postpone wishes into an uncertain future. We all only living now, while looking up and working towards a tomorrow, we shouldn’t forget that we can’t predict the future, nothing is settled. I won’t spent years of dreaming and instead of walking forward again.

I hardly remember the first two month of 2011. I do remember that we spent 1th of January with watching Lord of the Rings – all three films at once, roughly 10 hours. And it was my last month to work at the coffeeshop. In February I prepared my stuff and myself for Japan.

March – was the best and the worst and the most impressive. I already wrote about this.

And when I came back, I met a lot of people, I was blessed with new friends – wonderful people, interesting people, creative and outgoing, warm and inspiring. And I got remembered how many wonderful friends I already have. All of you cared for me, helped me – and listened, danced, laughed and were with me. We ate so much delicious food! Ahhhhh, a bliss. You embraced me and accompanied me during thoughtless actions. You scolded me and made me think. It doesn't matter if you're living in the same town or hundreds even thousands of kilometers away or if we know each other from face to face or virtually: You are my treasure, my inspiration. Thank you all for this once more.

My family – I made you worry a lot this year, starting with travelling alone, getting into a natural disaster thousands of kilometers away from home where you couldn’t help or even contact me (maybe sometimes you even thought of me as a natural disaster, I won’t deny it – I think so myself), being ill at Christmas and New Years. I am really sorry for the worries and the sleepless nights. Thank you for being with me. I guess there will be more stress and worries in the future. I wish for your encouragement and backup again.

To my bf: He was and is my strength and warmth. Thank you for being here with me. I love you. Danke, vielen Dank.

I am not going to stop pursuing my dream to work and live in Japan for a certain time. I know I will hurt people with this. I will make them worry again. But I don’t want to avoid and throw out a dream because I fear what’s unknown or possibly could happen. I wish for you to help me with encouragement and faith.

This past year was one of the worst and definitely one of the best years in my life. I’m looking forward to the next. I’m looking forward to walk or run into an unknown future with all of you again.

May you all have a delightful New Year’s Eve, stay (or become) healthy and don't forget to pursue your dream.

2012 I am in your care once more. So please stay with me and my humble self again.


ABBA Happy new year von libelule64

I wanted to embed the video, but it's possible it won't work, if so please follow the link and enjoy


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