blogs and music

today I would like to share some usefull or fun or just distracting links (hail the art of procrastination ! )

the first one is about music ! ! ! you may already know how much I love to learn about new (also new old) music and I found a perfect side to deepen my knowledge about Japanese songs: The 100 greatest Japanese Songs
This time Time Out Tokyo asked a bunch of celebraties which Japanese song should be known by the world – the answers are rather unique (as are the people who gave them) and there are some gems – I recomend to take a look ! (I'm not thru all of them myself, but I will come back from time to time to procrastinate to enjoy some good tunes

the second one is a relativly new project: The Japan Blog Directory
it gathers a lot of interesting blog from or about Japan. Categories like Travel, Culture or Language help to find specific stuff – but it's a great way to get distracted to prepare yourself for travelling, to get tips or to enjoy reading about the life of unfamiliar people 😛

that's it for today

aren't those two a lovely pair (Kopenhagen)

♥ M


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