to dress up (just imagine)

ha! this time it's about fashion! I think I mentioned it before~ I love fashion and follow some fashion-blogs from all over the world

like Garance Doré – I started with her blog (around four years ago – maybe even a bit earlier?) and am loving the style, the way she talks, the illustrations, the photos – to be true – everything;
around the same time I discovered The Sartorialist/ (fund out about their relationship a lot later) – his very special way of seeing details, specially on mens clothes but also on womens, his classic aproach to style – faboulous! – both blogs are in English, Garance originally writes in french but it get's translated.
three other blogs are based in Japan: style from tokyo – her Engrish is cute, there's a lot in Japanese, but she always has an eye for the special around Harajuku and from the Fashion Shows, droptokyo is a fashion-magazine including a street-style-blog and blogs from people working in fashion-industry in Tokyo, it's mostly in Japanese, but also some English
tokyofashiondiaries – the stuff on her blog is unique – sometimes REALLY unique, she's from the US (I think) living in Tokyo, designing and modeling (not sure about this), her blog is English-Japanese and because I found a picture from the recent Valentino-couture I had to share I am writing right now and… god this is gorgious:

I mean, not that I could or would wanted to wear it – but this is beauty! and on her blog are a lot of detailed photographs from embroideries, pearls, laces – beautiful colours and forms ♥


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