tale – tell – dance

after fashion I'm back to music and dance

onwedneyday I attended `Yes But No´ by Koi Klub – a music and party event here in Berlin
every time I go to ths event, I met a lot of fascinating people and get to know great musicians: this time it was Masayoshi Fujita – he's playing the vibraphone – a farytale-like instrument – presenting his own compositions from a series named: "stories"
and there are stories: every piece has its own title and its own tale – little stories, so detailed you can almost see them while listening Masayoshi-kuns explaination and to the music itself. often they tell about forests, trees, water, animals, myths…

But my favourite stories are about humans: "cloud" and "snowstorm"
The first one is about a cloud, being part of a dark cloudy sky above a church. In this church a woman is kneeling, holding a child in her arms, she's crying while the dimmed light of the cloudy sky is falling through windows – it's played while using bows (for a violin and a cello) – it's a silent and the same time embracing gentle and sad piece
The second one – "snowstorm" – is about a man, running alone through a snowstorm, this man is propably going to fight in a war, the storm is strong and suddenly he starts to here voices talking to him from within the wind – the music is loud and silent, strong, powerful, fighting with itself, a highly dramatic but abrupt ending – is he dead? why is there this sudden silence? what were those voices telling him? could he actually understand? – I couldn't stop thinking about this story and it's music since then

a picture from the concert

The dancing part:

An Israelian friend of mine shared this on fb (she used to be part of this troup – if I remember right) – sensualism, sexyness, strength


You know what I really would love to do?
Bring together all those wonderful artistic people I met over the last year: musicians, composers, dancers, graphic artists, photographers – write a story for them and create something which shows the strength, the beauty, the creativity of every single one of them gathered in a piece of art shown on a stage




One thought on “tale – tell – dance

  1. soothing_sight

    Wow. Wow, wow, wow, the dancing. Would have been great to have close-ups on male dancers too.

    Images from this video won’t go even have a few minutes. That was fantastic, addictive.

    I will go listen to vibraphone on Youtube to learn about it. Thank you for introducing me to so much wonderful art in my life, Clara. You, yourself, are inspiring to me.


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