long time no see

University is eating my time, ok let's be fair, I'm just too lazy to write something decent…

but, nevertheless, I'm never to lazy to attend concerts and stageplays – and since I'm discovered something new I would like to introduce it:

A group of artists, dancers and musicians who are creating and realizing stage performances with/from Jujiro Maegawa named Mi-Kuni

They were touring in Germany, also in Berlin. Last week I attended a performance of their play-in-progress BONSAI. A friend of mine, Hoshiko Yamane, played with them and send my an invitation.

Mi-Kuni is normally Japan-based, in Tokyo I think, so if you are there and get the chance – grab it!

Not only the music, with Hoshiko (violin), Kohki (guitare, shamisen, vocal; I will talk about him later), Jujiro Maegawa (drums, vocal) and Masaya Hijikata (drums, vocal) left me speechless and enchated – the acting and dancing of Nina Maeda and Hironori Sugata send shivers down my spine…

There are pictures from the performances on their fb-page

I found some videos, mainly from performances I haven't seen:

together with a Japanese fluitist Koto also in Berlin last december

this are captures from their work in progress BONSAI – really different from the version I've seen, but breathtakingly great and strong as well (the "Pika-Don" is the name people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki gave the bomb before they knew what it was)

the last one is a song I've seen in two different versions on stage: HUTATABI

Last night I went to a concert of Kohki. This guy has an amazing voice. Clear and strong, filled with warmth, irony or anger – just as the song wants it to be. By the way, he's writing all his songs (there was one, which remembered me of a childhood-song or a lullyby – without even sounding like on at all, it has a great riff not lullabyly at all, I'm a bit confused why it's doing this… whatever, he told us last night, this is a song he wrote in 5th (!) grade, as a elemantary student… tsk, some people are just too gifted to be true – I am honestly amazed). Jujiro Maegawa and Nina Maeda from Mi-Kuni guested as well.

so have some photos from this performance:

Kohki playing Shamisen

Jujiro Maegawa, Kohki and Nina

Nina Maeda und Kohki (and bf's beer)

again – an inspirational overflow I hardly will be able to canalize into something I would be satisfied with

I’m looking forward to learn and see even more in the future

♥ M


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