Israel – walking, driving, wondering through a land…

…much different ~
hard to explain – it reminded me of Tunesia or a "typical" eastern Mediterranean country – but different
it's so full and overwhelming – with beauty and unseemliness, history and modernity, religion and atheism – diverse but still harmonized

why did it take me so long until I started writing? maybe – most likely – because I didn't know where to start

I could make an entry about the flowers (points at her usepic – hibiscus, oleanader, magnolia (or something like this), even cactuses in full bloom – it's spring after all) and plants

can somebody tell me the name of this?

about the weird new

Tel Aviv

and old architecture

Old Jaffa/Yafo

about the cities´and places:

Tel Aviv (only 102 years old, but a seldom flower of architectual modernity especially Bauhaus, host of one of the most famouse and wonderful dance companies of the world: Batsheva, which we were allowed to visit and enjoy a great performance on saturday night after Shabbat! Thank you dear Einav for intriducing us to them and this wonderful place ♥

Bahai Gardens (Akko)


Tsfad/Safed/Zafed (where we enjoyed art, incredible delicious fresh made cheese, coffee with cardamon and kosher red wine – this is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Israel! all blue and white and sand)

Jerusalem (only one picture now – I made about 200… and we saw so much and not even half of it! the atmosphere and smell and ~ maybe the most impressive was the tunnel-tour along the buried parts of the Western Wall! I learned so much about the history of this city!)

about details (ok, it's incredible dificult to choose one… I am always searching for details and colours)

or overviews


about the sea

Tel Aviv with Old Jaffa in the background

or the mountains


about food

Fallafel are even better than here in Berlin!


at the Shuk in Jerusalem


cats (a LOT of cats)

she's walking away – like a cat would – Tsfad


car (I am so glad I survived the depth or drivers-hell called Israelian traffic – two pics!)

on our way back from Tsfad to Petah Tikva (where my friend live

can you see the relief?!


special bus

horse carriage

actually I was pretty amused at this guy playing with his iPhone while the bus-driver behind him was going crazy because of the slowness

to summarize:

Thanks to my loved friends Leah – who I was able to met because of the sparkling power of a rainbow storm (and yes, this makes sense, at least for some of us) – I was able to enjoy five days at this place which is called "Holy Land" from so many people and religions – a spiritual and profan, secular and religious location of the world map which most propably see me again in a not so far future ♥
I took over 500 pictures~ wanna see more? come visit me
Thank you Leah for being patient with all my questions about Judaism and eating kosher! ♥



10 thoughts on “Israel – walking, driving, wondering through a land…

    1. mariasora Post author

      Thank you!
      I have a really cute picture, even a few, of you two! I’m going to send them to you tonight 😀

      More pictures are going to come soon 🙂

  1. nekobot01

    Wonderful pictures!!! It looks like you had fun! ♥

    I’ve always wanted to visit there…

    The beach picture reminds me of this:

    I think they filmed in Tel Aviv?


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