Street Art à la Corsica

I'm not going to start with the blinding white & blue of Bonifacio or the vert foncé and vert olive of the hills & woods at the coast of Propriano nor the rough stone structures of old houses or pittoresque ruins

instead I start with art~ Street Art à la Corsica la Belle

the birds they fly

I am going to use the name "Corsica" instead of "Corse" – it's the Corsican way to write/spell it instead of the French – and those were such nice & warm people
like hitch-hiking is easy & safe
since I never took a picture of the flag of Corsica – I am going to show you another example which perfectly represents the all-over pride of the natives – it's printed everywhere [b/w it's the same as Sardinia, but they have four of those heads instead of one]

this picture shows something else really wonderful at Corsica: food or rather fruits~ I'll be coming back to this soon


One thought on “Street Art à la Corsica

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    hello again~ & photo/vacation-link

    User referenced to your post from hello again~ & photo/vacation-link saying: […] entry on letterpetal about our vacation on Corsica ♥ Street Art à la Corsica on letterpetal […]


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