back into writing – moments of sex

today, while coming back from university by bicycle – it was raining and cold and all really autumnish and I just wanted to be home, on my sofa, drinking tea – I passed by a store. a guy was standing inside, his back to mine, concentrating on something in front of him and absentminded pulling up his black jeans with one hand, grapping a belt loop (this may be one of the gestures of our generation; now that suspenders are barely used (only really stylish people (like me) pulling them off (again)) and belts are merely an accessory but pants are still tend to slide down… you see where I'm coming from)
it's like, we are all used to this automatic gesture, not noticing it while doing nor be done – still, at moments – which cannot be predicted at all – a simple gesture or movement can be incredible sexy (let's not talk about baggy-pants here, I don't like them and never did – but that doesn't mean a gesture can not be sexy)

and it reminded me of a little incident (should be 10 years ago now) where I completely lost track of a conversation because the person talking to me was absentminded streching, revealing his stomach and me becoming a staring mindless body. the differences between our mindlessness: he did sense his body, I was out of my mind…
remembering it makes me still blush (since he realized what I was doing before I did; (since I am human after all) it still happens from time to time)

2012-08-03 20.40.40

While reading a wonderful abstract about the Dancing Body and Philosophy of Embodyment (a very dear friend of mine wrote) I started thinking about the sexiness of moments & gestures:


of sex

self-awareness to a minimum

sole body-image

un-conscious mind

body in motion


the first time you stared at another body

not the soul but the frame


the gesture conducting to your absent mind

suddenly flesh

(which certainly you’ve seen before)

reminds you of your own

body in motion

moment of




3 thoughts on “back into writing – moments of sex

  1. livejournal

    I finally wrote on letterpetal again

    User referenced to your post from I finally wrote on letterpetal again saying: […] about bodies, moments, gestures and sex: this way […]

  2. Anonymous

    When I stared at my boyfriend during a seminar, because of how he was stretching as he reached back to tie his hair up in a bun, revealing his jaw, the curve of the neck and nape, and the breadth of his open chest. Ouf. . . And the professor noticed my absence of mindfulness. Oups!

    God that was hot.

    Totally understand.


    (Can’t remember my password to log in ^^;)

    1. mariasora Post author

      I am finally answering to this – I had moments like this, ending is some kind of public embarrassement as well~ it makes me blush even remembering it


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