the day is almost over now

here in Berlin

when I posted this "6:46 silence" without a text this morning it was shortly after "praying" or rather remembering and wishing for the dead and the survivors from the earthquake two years ago – it was 14:46 in Japan

Berlin was silent this morning, covert in snow, grey

two years ago the sakura started to bloom in Kamakura, the sea in Hayama was blue and calm, the sunset that evening was beautiful

I remembered the sensation of the shaking earth, the fear in the eyes of people surrounding me, the watches stopped in time
the small electronic store which had generator where we saw the first pictures of this huge wave – and couldn't grasp what we saw
the silence the next day when we arrived back in Tokyo, Shinjuku
the crying woman in the small alley

although being Kamakura that moment where it wasn't that strong – the pure length of it made~

I also remember how I was sitting on top of Victoriapark, in Berlin Kreuzberg, three month later, at night trying to put into words the mixture of frustration, fear, anger, sadness, helplessness which had shaken me and still was about to turn my life upside down

I am back on track now – but I won't forget



at 14:46


from tonight News Zero


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