pic a day 4 – sculptures in urban spaces

Last year I started to be more interested in sculptures in urban areas~ all kinds of them

and I also started to take pictures of them – I think of making a series out of those pictures, including the place I shoot them

sometimes it will be more in the usual pic a day style, sometimes more like a mini-shooting, with or without comment – we’ll see

to celbrate the start, I show you one of my favourite sculptures in urban spaces:

Die Große Liegende – The Big Lying created 1975 by GDR artist Peter Makolies to be seen at Sachsenplatz in my hometown Dresden

Why I love her? Maybe because I know her since I was a child, she always fascinated me, but I only watched her with respectful distance. This March I skipped the distance (not the respect) and walked over to take a closer look:


her smile, almost naive or rather innocent but at the same time like a knowing smirk

the protectiveness of her pose while showing strength and tension in her muscles

the way the weather "worked" on the stone, the change of colours, the structures


2 thoughts on “pic a day 4 – sculptures in urban spaces

  1. nekobot01

    I didn’t know you were from Dresden!!

    I remember going to former East Germany with my family in 1992-1993 time. It was very different still – not as much advertising and goods in the stores. Coal dust everywhere. But somehow I remember it very… sharp but alive. Western Germany was more rounded and softer. The people, too, maybe.

    I don’t know if this makes sense.

    One of my favorite public art is this one: http://www.goethe.de/ins/us/was/pro/vtour/dc1/b3/31/en_tmb_2.htm

    I see it almost every day and it is inspiring somehow.

    1. mariasora Post author

      I am already at a stage where I find myself to start glorifying the past~ not remembering the coal dust but only the faint smell which reminds me of winter… it makes me smile~ but actually it’s stupid

      I know what you mean with the sharp part, at least I think – it wasn’t like that for everybody and not everywhere – many people sunk into alcohol or lethargy. but somehow, people like my mother, without caring for politics at all, the just lived, with a straight back and sharp eyes

      this sculpture is so… German… I can’t explain
      but there’s some certain energy and will in it – I can understand why it’s inspiring for you


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