pic a day 8 – sculpture in urban space

I didn't post yesterday~ since I thought nothing good enough was in my folder

but today, I have a lot!

I went to Berlin-Pankow – to work
the eastern art of Germany is packed with sculptures in open, urban spaces – it has something to do with the idea of sharing art with everybody, as some part of official culture or rather cultural education (that's the easy, not at all into depth wrking short explanation)

a favourite subject of this education seems to be the human body, especially the naked body, especially the naked female body

but today we have a male

Ossietzystrasse: Manfred Salow, Sitzender (männlicher Akt) – The Sitter (male nude) from 1978


again, I am fascinated how time & weather worked on the stone – precisely shaped it at vulnerable places, lost against it's durability in others

especially the face – the ears, the nose, the lips – and the hands were formed in 35 years facing the weather


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