pic a day 20 – Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

so~  it's not at all daily – I utterly failed on this task…

and no, not really just one pic… today as well~

but may it be

it's raining raining raining outside – half of Germany is litteraly drowning right now

the second of June and we have 12 °C outside~ so what to do? right! visit a museum like you didn't do it during the whole dark & drey winter~

we went to Neue Nationalgalerie – Mies van der Rohe building, his last work – wonderfully design into the last bit – toilets, I am always interested how much they fit the rest – there you can find a concept build as a whole

the exhibition at the moment consists mainly of art from Germany – east and west – between 1945 and 1968 -showcasting it's differences and simliarities

the pictures I took are concentrating of the room not on the art:

the free standing presentation created wonderful shadows – and I love this piece, the niche of an artists studio (sorry, I forgot the name of the artist, but he was from eastern Germany)


the outer area was closed due to the constant rain – but I wanted to show the impression while making sure the separating wall of glass stays visible

b/w that's Rodin in the middleground


this one I really like – the reflection of the art inside combines with the greenery and light outside


those seethrough gaps where also covered with glass – they created some interesting perpectives


I loved this installation – light, sound, movement


while leaving the room of the installation this is the first thing you see – wonderful colours and proportions


another view into the outer area – the walls are all movable – so every time the exhibition changes the arrangment of the room changes as well

look at those colours – light is something incredible


that's plain and simple – but somehow it moved me


told you – the entry to the toilet


the days slowly coming to an end~

next week summer is suppossed to be back – we will see, I will show you

good night*


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