just a few more days and I am off to Japan

which is rather ridiculous since 36°C outside (and propably 20°C inside… summer cold -.-) & loads of mosquitos are not the perfect environments for cramming thru a language as difficult as Japanese~ but yeah, I like it tough

BUT! as you all may know by now: I love tips – especially survival tips

here’s a little how-to-summer-in-Japan-link-list (and yes, I’m also pretty fond of hyphens):

overall general informations about summer, suncreme, mosquito repellant… – basically a link to a link list~ the wonderful surviving in Japan website!

hiking – since this is something I definitelly wanna try

and How to find a pool – reasonable, very much reasonable

god~ I am already sweating only thinking about it ^^;;

oh and THIS seems to be the most interesting for me: a How-to Free Wi-Fi-spots

see ya~


3 thoughts on “just a few more days and I am off to Japan

  1. barbosa2007

    Takao-san is *wonderful* in summer, you should go on a hiking and eating trail like Arashi did.

    I’m so excited for you! I hope you’ll have a blast in Japan. 🙂


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