Tokyo 1

it’s raining & hot


but I am back and still remember the streets & ways to go
I already went shopping – food and an adapter. which I had to change since I bought the wrong one at first. and I changed it, while speaking Japanese *is proud*

I walked to the stick on the left middle. Tokyo Sky Tree – basically a shopping center with a really high (and expensive, that’s why I didn’t go up) viewing platform.
Japan may be an aging society, as is Germany, but walking thru Asakusa & Sumida is like walking thru Prenzlauer Berg – children everywhere… interesting phenomenon. I’ll keep an eye on it during my stay~ both countries seem to share simliarities in society

this is the view from my hostels lounge. I can’t sleep allthough I am dead tired… so I came up here to enjoy the climate & a tea (free of charge)


that’s it for today


oh, I bought something else: 24h tv t-shirt, winter edition & almost a new pair of glasses (for those who know: J!ns are on sale… like almost everything T_T )


I promise a cut for the upcoming entries!


4 thoughts on “Tokyo 1

    1. mariasora Post author

      I stayed at a small hostel in Asakusa – it’s a nice area 🙂

      but now I am at my friends place – a tiny but lovely apartment in Yoyogi, right next to Yoyogi-Koen

  1. kajalmonsta

    yeah~ i’m glad you had fun besides the rain!!!

    can’t wait to see you on monday! and i still need my t-shirtXD i always tell myself ‘ah i’m doing it later’XD

    1. mariasora Post author

      when are we going to meet? and where? I bought my shirt at the Sky Tree shopping mall
      good thing I am tiny, they only had children & SS-size (which is somewhat weird to write…)


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