Tokyo 2 – be aware!

of crazy german bikers in Tokyo!
Ha! I bought myself a used bicycle (which I want to resell afterwards, so if somebody wants to have it…)


my view of the world


cute desu ne~


during my morning ride thru Yoyogi Koen – which is beautiful and all, but the huge amount of crows is creepy & the semi are annoyingly loud…

and today I went from Yoyogi where I stay (at a tiny but lovely place with great food & music) to Meiji-Daigaku at Ochanomizu-eki

which took an hour… I think I wont to this every day~
and I drove back on an even longer round!


the building in the middle is the place where am I going to study starting next week ^^


impressions from the emperial gardens~ still closed, but they will open on the 27th of July, so I will try going in then…


she was standing next to the emperial palace – with a nameplate: 森の調べ - sound of the woods


this is for –I know you want it – even if Ramones-kun so so photoshoped that he looks like nothing Ramones-like at all XD



5 thoughts on “Tokyo 2 – be aware!

  1. nekobot01

    EEEE! But why did they photoshop my Ramones-kun to make him look like a Korean auntie?! My “Walking on Clouds” was shipped from CDJapan this week. I hope it comes soon!! ♥

    The weather looks so pretty! Is it too warm? The park looks beautiful, too, but I can imagine what all the crows sound like. XDD

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! Amazing pictures 🙂

    Great perspectives, especially in the first case – almost interactive! And everything is so green! Looks more like a trip to the countyside… And guess what: I really appreciate all that wonderful old architecture – brigdes, castles and so on 😉



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