Tokyo 3 – fair & fairies

Tokyo BIG Site in Odaiba – a truly earned name~ this place is HUGE! and we only went into one part of this thing:



we? my lovely host & her music-collegues who had a concert there during a fair named: Handmade in Japan Fes 2013:



yes that’s my knee & my free pass – staff XD back stage groupie as I like to name it


but to be fair, one of the musicians was Kohki-kun and at least with him I worked on some songs, even if it was two years ago & even if they didn’t play them today~
Riho-chan (trumpet), Kazuya-kun (Shinobue), Kohki-kun (guitare) and Rinamame (Drums – not sure if this is her real name… I snatched it from fb because I am bad at remembering names) plus a manager & a photographer
a lovely & professional team!


they played and afterwards we were running all over the place to look at the handmade stuff… ALL kinds of stuff~ it was really difficult to settle for one thing – but in the end I managed ^^ *not saying*







I want to have his shoes…



all with closed eyes (can’t see Kohki-kuns though)



otsukaresamadeshita – ha! I didn’t do a thing but I like to share the treat …it’s never to early for a cold beer



I had the middle left one – Organic brown cheese tacorice XD yupp, tasty



the entrance to the fair… just the entrance…



more sky-pompoms plus fake-leafs



Hachimitsu-Soda – Soda with honey & some fruit *tasty*



I left the fair around 6 – the sky was beautiful in Odaiba:



and also in Yoyogi:



where huge groups of young people trained some kind of group dance… for a festival I guess~



now I am back in the apartment, it’s comfortable since it cooled down a bit thanks to some nice wind


Good Night & お休みなさい~


One thought on “Tokyo 3 – fair & fairies

  1. Anonymous

    pyramids upside town – ingenious! it´s the same hemisphere, not?

    what exactly are these pompons? never seen them before around here…

    last not least: hurray for golden japanese pilsner beer 🙂



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