Tokyo 6 – University started

and I totally failed the exam~ I have to catchup on my Kanji again! it's all lost… but I didn't take a serious look at them for two years… so being in the upper half of the whole is still good & my vocabulary is less bad than I thought it would be

so, yesterday was introduction & campus tour – I didn't really took any pictures~ so no, no pictures from yesterday (or the day before, which was Odaiba & Shibuya with a lovely friend! maybe later) – but I went to Shibya afterwards to get some writing materials, Tokyu Hands is a paradies – you like handicrafts, this is your place! (I still bought ost of the stuff at a 100yen shop) but what I actually wanted to talk about was the weather or rather the light~ it's rainy here and the rain combined with the sunset and the smog created the most beautiful & at the same time strange light I've ever experienced – yellowish & orange, to cause any shade of green to glow and other colours to dim. fascinating but impossible to take a decent picture of…
another fascinating thing, which is quite normal, the sunset is so early here! I knew it before but I am still surprised…

today we had the first 4 hours of language classes – I really need to catch up on Kanji…

and then: Kimono-Experience
something I kind of worried about, being all blond & blue eyed and so not asian AT ALL. and honestly, I've never even worn a Dirndl (but yeah, why should I, I am not bavarian…) or something else "traditional"

but although it was incredible hot to wear I felt comfortable and mature and elegant (nevertheless "in disguise")

I am going to show you some detail-pictures of Kimonos, Obis (the belts), hair-dos and embroideries – basically all the fabric you see is pure silk:


















the obi


the back


the side


front – Shibui-chan desu
I also got called お上さん – like being the missus of the house *cough*


and for a change of atmosphere and to let out some steam – three of us & one of our student "helpers" went to a batting center! which means to get hard little balls shot at you with a lot of speed and you are trying to hit them with something that looks like out of a Stone Age movie – SO MUCH FUN!!! (no picture of me here, but I actually landed a hit after I stopped playing Baseball like Volleyball, with bended knees XD)



it smelled like a gymnasium's dressing-room, sweat, adolescence and feet – settle in for years~ I've got lost in reminiscence of my time as volleyball-player in High-School ♥


oh, you can play ping-pong by yourself as well – gotta have to love this country



4 thoughts on “Tokyo 6 – University started

  1. kajalmonsta

    the kimono looks really good on you! it matches the obi really well^^

    and the rain yesterday… you loved the light, i hated the fact that meguro had the most rain in such a short time ever, when i came home my balcony was basically a swimming poolXD

  2. nekobot01

    Wow!! These are great photos of the kimono – I’ve never seen it up close before.

    (And Ojousan? LOL!! That is like getting called Ma’am?)

    Batting cage!!!!!! I want to go!

    There is an ap for kanji flashcards!! It’s very good – I use it while I walk around.

    1. mariasora Post author

      I also have to catch on writing them… not only readlíng~ and usually I am on my way by bike – so I can’t cram XD

      some of the student-helpers said I looked like a yakuzas fiancé XD – yosh, I love to be a powerful lady!


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