Tokyo 7 – Meiji goods

only one photo today~ I am too tired
after lessons I spend 2 hours in the library and went to Koenji afterwards walking around for 2 more hours. I really like it there! Pictures coming tomorrow.




here are the goods I bought until now~ I am thinking about a bag and a cap or a strap as well… hm

honestly, 2 pens and a mini-towel aren’t much
the gums are just from the same store…




good night & oyasumi nasai from Yoyogi


One more thing:


I made plans for the 3th & 4th of August~ I will go to Hakone and enjoy a Ryokan, nature and hot springs. It’s a quite famous area near Fuji-san with 5 big lakes and it was difficult to find a place to stay. Somehow I managed and found a small japanese-styled room in  Ryokan including a pure natural water onsen (hot spring) in the Hakone National Park. And not too expensive as well. Looking forward to it! But first: tomorrow university, saturday is sumida-fireworks and on sunday we go to Yokohama. How do we call it in Germany? “Freizeitstress”


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