Tokyo 7 – Koenji

as I already wrote in my last post on thursday I went to Koenji after classes finished

so have some pictures now – just a bunch of impressions to get an idea – it’s full on tiny houses and streets and backstreets of backstreets (and boys and that’s a stupid joke but Tokyo is plastered with their posters so I had to make it) ~










o fiday night I went again – a friend invited me to a bar and then another bar
the first one was tiny tiny and had really good food
the second one was stuffed with LPs and cassettes and music from all over the world, it was rusty and old and had some really unique owners

That’s it for now – yesterday I strolled thru Shibuya, which is basically exhausting like hell & afterwards met a german friend in Nakameguro & enjoyed a walk longside the river, a rice burger & some nice stupid japanese TV in the evening. Originally I had planned to attend the Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai – but I feared the promised thunderstorm and tat it’s going to be cancelled – the storm came and with it the cancelation after the first 30 min – so I didn’t miss much from this Japans famous firework

some impressions from Meguro (which by the way means black eye (there are other eyes here as well, like white and gods…) – are coming later~ I have to hurry to get ready to go to Yokohama ♥


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