Tokyo 8 – (Naka)Meguro

walking around and taking dozens of random pics~ that's me




see the golden plate~ there's one of the few remaining original love hotels~ and it's so ugly I really wanna try it out…





I had to find out what rice-burger means… this: no bread *tasty*


Guten Tag! a passage alongside the river~


on a different note: I am still watching this mama-papa-phenomenon – hm, I could imagine to write something bigger about this~ would need to find somebody for an interview though…

and somebody in Germany should catch up on this entertainer/musician/TV-announcer goes politician-thing because of a hope for environmental change & general dis-approval of the Japanese politics (also the system)

Germany needs 100yen-shops but in € and ticket-restaurants

the heat is easier to manage here than in Germany~ but going by train sucks or rather stinks~

also: cicades are freaking loud! badass crew these bugs~ honestly don't ever try to fall on my head or somewhere else on me! – I scream louder than a Harajuku-girl on a Jet-coaster~ (and I don't even want to imagine a Harajuku-girl or 109-girl on a Jet-coaster~ they are already loud enough on the street…)

oh, I like going by bus in Tokyo but it could be cheaper~

ehm, the self-service fast-food restaurants with service and the service restaurants where you have to pay at the counter are a weird mix of two concepts which doesn't make sense but works nevertheless~

I could bath in Purin (caramel-pudding) – if it wouldn't be that sticky~


4 thoughts on “Tokyo 8 – (Naka)Meguro

  1. nekobot01

    LOL!! I love this post!! Your details are so interesting~~ and the pictures, too! I have only seen this sceneries in drama and variety. I think when I go to Tokyo, I will except a tarento to appear at every shop. XD

    What entertainer turns politician? Are you talking about that boxer? I think he’s a boxer – he converted to Islam. That guy.


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