Tokyo 11 – Ha! Again! I went out and this time: Hakone

it was like being the heroine of my very own Showa-movie (the historical Japanese period between 1926 and 1989) – I am, in fact, a Showa-born woman. But actually I am a kind of mezurashii (hm, particular?) heroine for this epoch – a single woman on tour is no something all too normal, so to speak. And yes, I got treated like a rare animal in between – which I enjoyed – since it was only for two days… any longer and I would have snaped.
In the evening I almost became an Oji-san (old geezer) – first Onsen, then Unagi at a small old shop, then changing into Yukata for the rest of the night, watching TV, then Onsen and finally TV again and japanese snacks~ the moment I realized I am turning into an old man was when I thought about getting a beer~ I made tea instead XD


about Hakone: green


and more green


and mountains


and green


and honstely, I loved it~


the only non-green part was the volcano smelling like a ton of eggs area~


some pics ahead – she would like to say BUT! which ones? I made roughly 400 pictures in two days… ok, most of them from greenery~


so today is GREEN-day XD (yes, bad pun)


oh and backyards/backstreets – no boys there, anywhere (also, bad pun)


and Hakon is paved with Evangelion (a pretty famous Anime)


ok, I am showing this first: I bought myself a snake-slime mask XD and used it – it’s the same slimy feeling as every sheet-mask~ still…



my room in the little Ryokan I stayed at



my tea-set



my dinner-Izakaya-thingy









breakfast on sunday



lunch on sunday



dinner on sunday~ (back in Tokyo made by my hsts ♥)



it somehow became a food-appreciation-entry~


hm… have some random nature as well… and you know~ stuff


like cable car-views



volcano-areas from above



mountain views



some plant



the peak of Kami-Yama



and at this point lj left me… I’ll be back tomorrow (I hope~)


Good Night & Oyasumi Nasai from Tokyo


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