Sato Kazuya & Akiyama Riho

The place I was allowed at to stay in Tokyo in July & August was Riho’s. I met her two years ago in Berlin, where she lived at that time. She is a musician, playing the trumphet. She and Kazuya Sato, a fellow friend and musician, playing a japanese bamboo flute called Shinobue, where helping me a lot during my weeks in Tokyo.

Both of them made a huge step in their professional life when Yuzu asked Kazuya if they could use one of his compositions for a new song. Also both Kazuya and Riho are (actually were) guest-musicians for the recording as well. Not for any song – but for next seasons NHK Asadora main-song. Which is a huge thing in Japan.

To explain it for those who never heard of Yuzu or Asadora or NHK: Yuzu is one of the most successful folk-bands in Japan right now, selling like hot-cake (their singles sell up to more than 300.000, their albums are even more successful) and with wide range of fans – and with quite some influencial inside the (entertainment-/music-) industry as well (which is damn important in Japan – just saying). Their 39th single will be Kazuya’s song: It’s now called 『雨のち晴レルヤ』 (ame nochi hareruya – which is, also sound-wise, a nod to Halleluya and somehow gospel – why am I knowing it already? …secret). This is their official youtube-channel including their latest single “LAND”

About NHK and Asadora: NHK is the main national broadcasting station and the morning dramas (which is the plain translation of Asa (morning) + dora (dorama – drama) are TV-series which are airing for half a year, two every year, 5 days a week, every ep around 15 min (I think). It’s like breakfast TV for everybody, ususally with high ratings & a successful main-song: This time the drama’s title is Gochisosan and the main actress will be Anne, the daughter of Watanabe Ken.

So what I am saying here, basically, is: WOAH! my friends are doing something damn big and cool and I am so excited for them I could jump around in circles and I know about this since a month ago and am happy to finally am allowed to share it with everybody! basically ♥


You may wonder about the picture above: it’s the only yuzu-related picture I have on my hard-drive: Kakigori (shaved ice) with yuzu-syrup, because yuzu is a citrus-fruit & really delicious.

b/w I am a Yuzu-fan since 7 years or so… which is a nice little coincidence. Their album “Wonderful World” was the first Japanese (pop-) album I ever bought (yes, I remember I said they are folk-musicians and now I say pop-musicians – it’s both, because… it’s both. Listen to it, you will understand). I bought other music from Japanese artists before, like Jazz from Uehara Hiromi or OST from Joe Hisaishi – but it was the first one which included singing (ok, I owned a weird 1970th psychedelic J-pop-LP once – but it got lost during one of my many removals – unfortunatelly -.-)

To close this entry have a video of Kazuya (who, b/w already has a CD called FU CHI SOU out *bad hidden promotion ends here*

Have a nice day ❤


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