I may have been gone a bit overboard here with the amount of videos but damn it, it’s the Electic Lady!

I am going to go crazy here~ because I have a massive music-lady crush right now:

Janelle Monáe

not only me b/w it seems like The White House likes her as well, performing at Obamas second inauguration

so~ Why?

[ok, before: I won’t share her pictures here: copyrights! You see the videos, you get the picture~ and for sources & more: scroll down to the end]

Because she very simply adds all this to her what music I love while staying a strong independent woman, with a clear political message (also tweeting about the health care system in the US) and force both in her voice and performance

mixing pre-Presley Rock’n Roll with Michael Jackson (and also Jackson Five) – did I here The Wiz in the back? – the famous arc from Somewhere over the rainbow  (to be exact the somewhere but without the where~) with the Jive from Grease.

A young dramatic musical voice at the same time Allison Goldfrapp turning Tina Turner (now seriously click this link! the musicians and backsingers are hillariously great!)

All this while proving herself to be an excellent choice for the next James Bond – and I mean not only the usual song and/or leading lady (for which she would be way too cool) but the man himself or rather herself

Did I mention that her newest album Electric Lady has the widest range of musical styles, influences and individualism I heard in ages (maybe since Ween – but, to be honest, her voice is better than Gene’s & Dean’s and yes, she looks more appealing to me) and still manages to create a concept album continuing the story from her former albums?!

You will also be able to find the connections in the PVs, through very carefully crafted characters & lyrics

The first three are from former albums, then are three from the newest one:

Enjoy! Janelle Monáe as her alter-ego android Cindi Mayweather, fighting for the freedom and the right to love and to live the way she wants it:

Tightrope on Dailymotion

Cold War on Dailymotion

Q.U.E.E.N on Dailymotion

Primetime on Dailymotion

Dance Apocalyptic on Dailymotion

this last one is from a collaboration, not on her own album – HA! I am even started listening to HipHop!

don’t you wanna be special?!

Goodie Mob feat. Janelle Monáe: Special Education


sources: Janelle Monáe official on youtube & Janelle Monáe official on Dailymotion & Goodie Mob official on Dailymotion

and: http://www.jmonae.com/


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