I used to be somebody who prefered…

…talking with books than with people~ they have so much more (intelligent) to say and they  won’t interrupt me while thinking about what they just told me.

2013-08-08 17.47.32

time has gone by. things changed. I changed (did I?). and somehow I found people I love to talk with & to and I love to listen to as well. may it be from face to face or through all kinds of internet-communication. reading and writing is still a huge part of my daily communication. as a matter of fact: outside my PhD and some creative writing, my main communication happens in English and on the internet. I have very dear and loved friends in my daily off-line-life around me as well, but in a way I meet them less often. life is busy. and it’s november and cold and grey~ point being, I wanted to talk about something completely else


maybe not completely, but yes. I wanted to talk about books and writing. the more I think about my futur – and it’s approaching very fast – the more I realize: I am still all about reading a writing. in fact, I haven’t changed that much. I only can picture myself between books and papers and re-search and re-read. it’s like never stop being a student. adding knowledge, fields of vision, maybe reaching wisdom someday

2013-08-13 16.01.45

(yes, I know it’s headfirst – but we are talking about wisdom here~ not children… so bear with it)

there we go: what am I going to be? next summer my current life is over. one way or another. this PhD should be finished and I will be in need of a new income. (the income problem is going to surface in January, the latest in April – but I doubt I will have the time for a “decent” job then – since the correction and the disputation of my PhD has to be done first) I will need to find a new pathway for myself. some kind of up to now unknow door I have to open.


my dear friends and readers: what am I goin go be? a sholar for German literature? a journalist? some kind of manager in some kind of cultural field? all of it at once? should I try and create my own niche? ain’t I doing it already?

2013-08-08 17.48.18

and where? the world is big. (not as big as I thought it to be as a child – but still~) so, somehow this creates some other problems as well~ like… (too personal to discuss here). let’s face it: I will have to leave my warm and cozy little couch and I am looking forward to it.


(I guess I won’t to to India… but who knows?!)

all of the pictures inserted in this post are shot by ME, either way in Tokyo this summer (2013.08.08) or in the Vienna National library this autumn (2013.10.10)


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