…is approaching~ acutally it’s already here.

The air smells, almost tastes like it for quite a while now: warm but with hints of morning cold at noon, decomposing leaves & apples, acorns & chestnuts

The light is less clear since August, it always hints some orange or red, even at the brightest day

If it is windy, it is almost stormy, chasing clouds over a greyish sky

now these are lots of clichés in a single post – to even out the wordly kitsch let’s add some pictural one as well – I took it last week while walking from Berlin Dahlem (Thielplatz) to Berlin Charlottenburg (Savignyplatz) – around 8 km (a bit more than 4 miles)

September 2014

Walking helps me think & I can need as much help as possible at the moment

With this post I try to get back into regular writing, since training my ability to write (particularly my English writing). I have somebooks to talk and to share my thoughts about & I would love to hear from others


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