book list

these are a few of the books I’ve read during the last months and want to talk about:

Virginia Woolf: A Room of One’s Own & Three Guineas
Kawabata Yasunari: Schönheit und Trauer (美しさと悲しみと; Beauty and Sadness; 1961/1963)
Setouchi Harumi: Beauty in Disarray (美は乱調にあり; 1984)
Ella Berthoud & Susan Elderkin: The Novel Cure
David Bellos: Is That a Fish in Your Ear? The Amazing Adventure of Translation

I hope to manage during the next weeks somehow

a shop which sells perfum by weight and artificial flowers in Berlin-Charlottenburg – I thought I found something awesome, but then everybody was like “hu, so what? I know this kind of shop” – which left me disappointed, but I deceided to share it – maybe outside of Berlin it is not common knowledge


I almost couldn’t part with the window to the left. It smelled so incredible nice, soft and sweet, new and oldfashioned at the same. I am pretty much an olfactory person – it was like discovering layers over layers of beauty with my eyes closed. And opened again, because it is also a gorgeous looking window – different kinds of golden liquid neatly put for display



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