new books

yesterday – while fleeing the rain – I went into a 1€-bookstore
and bought:

Vicente Aleixandre – Gedichte (poems) Spanish – German
– the translation and the introductionary essay are written by Erich Arendt – a poet, essayist and photographer living from 1903 to 1984. During the ruling of the National Socialist Party he went to exil (France, Spain and most importantly, Columbia). He came back to Germany in 1951 and lived in the eastern part of Berlin afterwards. I could tell you a lot more: I wrote my Masters thesis about his exil poems and my Doctors thesis about his networks during the 1960th and 1970th

Carola Stern – Der Text meines Herzens.
– a biography of Rahel Varnhagen. THE parton of the 19th century Berlin. She founded Heinrich Heine and many others. She was an indiviual, strong-minded and intelligent woman. Hailing from a influencial jewish family, marrying into money and influence.

Enchi Fumiko 円地 文子 – Dichterin und die Masken 女面 (english title: Masks) and Die Wartejahre 女坂 (english title: The Waiting Years)
– she was one of the most prominent Japanese women writers in the Shōwa period of Japan. I am looking forward to read her novels & to read more about her! Does somebody has suggestions for books about her? This essay sounds interesting…


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