to be most fully and freely yourself

… humans are humans. And humans are different and the same everywhere.

Difference is just as big as you allow it to be. I try stating something maybe outrageous: When it comes to human relationships Empathy and Intuition could us do more than Comparition and Differentiation

these are the last words of my entry from two weeks ago

allow me to back them up with quote by Pau Auster, from his autobiographic notebook of physical memories from 2012: Winter Journal (faber and faber, p.117)

Because you know nothing about where you come from, you long ago decided to presume that you are a composite of all the races of the Eastern Hemisphere, part African, part Arab, part Chinese, part Indian, part Caucasian, the melting pot of numerous warring civilizations in a single body. As much as anything else, it is a moral position, a way of eliminating the question of race, which is a bogus questio in your opinion, a question that can only bring dishonor to a person who asks it, and therefore you have consciously decided to be everyone, to embrace everybody inside you in order to be most fully and freely yourself, since who you are is a mistery and you have no hope that it will ever be solved.


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