paper dance

paper is a surprisingly humble material

it is cover or platform

performance instrument or performer

it carries whatever you put on it, enfolds whatever you put inside

blanket and wall


tonight I saw it printed with news outside used as imprinted enclosing coats in a Motimaru Dance Company Butoh performance with live music by Hoshiko Yamane at Tatwerk (Berlin)

a beautiful layering of texture and tone, history and present, movement and stillness – impressive from various angles

sometimes I am using paper as a bodily extension during the process of creative writing & therefor allowing myself to be let by the materiality – structure and smooth/roughness of paper, pen and ink. Motimarus approach impressed me. Newspaper as a medium became the message and the messenger since it enwrapped the dancers almost completely until the end. Becoming a butterfly larvae shell, a prison, a protection, a Jūnihitoe 十二単, a mother’s womb, a horror movie setting (encompassing Yūrei 幽霊 as Sadako).

Hoshiko accompanied, led and structured the performance with her violin – at times subtle, at times building up tension, at times overwhelming.

a truly inspiring evening


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