the art of fog

“[…] when you’re inside the fog, when everything is foggy, you can’t see (what’s ahead of you). When that fog lifts and you can see even a bit of something, you’ve got to believe in what you just saw, right? When the fog lifts, there’s that mountain covered in trees with beautiful leaves and colors – you can’t see it right now, but it’s there. You’ve got to believe in that.” – Hasui Mikio 蓮井幹生

good friend and talented photographer – Shinji Minegishi – had the chance to meet and photo-portrait one of the people he looks up to for a long while: the photographer Hasui Mikio 蓮井幹生

he shot him in an interview collaboration with Freunde von Freunden – a German/English (and more) interior blog from Berlin/Germany tramping through the world via friends of friends

the portrait series of Hasui-san introduces a fascinating insight into the living environment of a creative mind. while Minegishi’s photos convey friendliness, tranquility and privacy – accompanied by a deep passion for a work which equals life – the interview composes the image of a thoughtful person who never lost the urge to play as a way of moving on (and learning, although he may not call it like that). with his love for music – especially Jazz – and an air of solitude Mikio-san reminds me of one of Murakami Haruki’s characters (I hope not to be improper with this analogy).

this should be more than enough talking from my side – please enjoy Hasui Mikio, Akiko Kurematsu (interview) and Minegishi Shinji (photos):
Mikio Hasui on FreundeVonFreunden


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