The main purpose of this blog is to let family and friends, my loved and deared ones stay in touch with me during my trip to Japan. But everybody else is invited to comment as well.

is what I said at first – but after all what happend, I am back way earlier, I am involved in foundraising and met some great people in Berlin too – from now on this blog is for more than my trip – also for music, pictures, Japan in general, thoughts – I hope you still stay with me

From March 1th until March 29th 2011 I plan to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara. Discovering country, people and culture; art, history, architecture, language and food (I guess there will be much about food, since I love it and am aware of the great food-culture Japan has) I will go out, take pics, make (witty?) comments and blabbering to my heart’s content… Not on a daily basis I guess, but as much as I can and want to.
Since this is also meant to be some kind of Travel Diary and daily reminder (adresses and stuff) for myself, I will post links from interesting places and information sites or restaurants, places to go and music. If I think a link would be especially helpfull for other (futur) travellers as well, I will post a link on my sidebar like I did with Tokyo Metro Home (which is, to my utter surprise, the English (!) homepage of the Tokyo Metro Subway, including informations about fares and places, full of maps and other useful stuff. Thanks to MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch for that ^_^)

This blog will be written in English rather than German, because there are more of you who will be able to understand it. Since I am not fluent please be patient with me and my language-blunders.
Comments are appreciated in German, English, French and Japanese, but be aware, I will only be able to answer in German or English.

There aren’t many rules to follow – only one:
I won’t allow rudeness. Comments being offensive – may it be against the people or places I am visiting, other commentators or against me – will be deleted.

I’ll be looking forward to see you here and there

よろしくお願いします m(-_-)m



I wrote this almost 5 years ago… so many things happened – I am still on my way

I will come back later


5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. soothing_sight

    *applauds* Aaaah, I’m so glad you created this Travel Diary! 😀 I’ll follow you eagerly on each of the experiences you will feel like sharing, given how much time you’ll have to spend updating here.

    Raaaab’ uuuuu!!! ♥

    Bisous, chère Clara!

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