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Close-up – pretty in pink & white

While preparing a post about my short trip to Karatsu 唐津 here is the promised second flower post – close-ups

raindrop focus the light to pearls in white and rosé

the beauty of fallen leaves, glowing from within

somebody arranged single blossoms of camellia 椿 along the way

in between a blue eyed cocotte crossed my path

now that the early spring of plum blossoms and the high spring of cherry is over I am looking for the fruits of their effort and the next bloom – azalee 躑躅, rhodora  (there are different kinds, I just choose on of the possible japanese names) and chestnut


Short preview

Arrived & am slowly settling-in in Fukuoka 

Yes, it is spring 

Aber real flower post will come later

I am struggling with auf decent internet connection, but it is not even a week. 

Sundown from my balcony