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January 31th


Though cool the breeze athwart the trees,
I see some bathers in the stream.
But for their sight in this twilight,
Spring is the season it would seem.
– Iyetaka


I remembered and compared

from time to time life feels quite surreal

like when you walk up a mountain and it doesn’t seem to end since all you see are trees and shrines and stairs; and all you hear are cicadas and water; and suddenly a deep-growling thunder without rain or light; and the air is so thick you can almost touch it; and suddenly you are on top and theres an old man filling up a vending machine with water and soda and a cigarette is almost burning his lips from which it hangs while he silently curses the bottles not wanting to fit in; and right next to him there’s a graveyard and a tree half-dead, half-alive struck by countless lightnings and it’s still not raining


don’t missunderstand – Fushimi Inari is definitelly one of the most beautiful and magical places I’ve ever been to, but without fail also one of the creepiest


going down was like going back to reality after two hours in a parallel world – going down also included an attempt to flirt with me, from a guy I could only seen for half



but either way – at the moment it feels a bit like walking thru this huge shrine area again, just without all the sweat and cicadas and greenery… but maybe at the top an old guy cursing a vending machine while getting his lips burned by a cigarette is waiting & this guy will show me the way

after three and a half years of climbing I am not sure what to do when I am on top – aiming for the next mountain would be an option…

just a few more days and I am off to Japan

which is rather ridiculous since 36°C outside (and propably 20°C inside… summer cold -.-) & loads of mosquitos are not the perfect environments for cramming thru a language as difficult as Japanese~ but yeah, I like it tough

BUT! as you all may know by now: I love tips – especially survival tips

here’s a little how-to-summer-in-Japan-link-list (and yes, I’m also pretty fond of hyphens):

overall general informations about summer, suncreme, mosquito repellant… – basically a link to a link list~ the wonderful surviving in Japan website!

hiking – since this is something I definitelly wanna try

and How to find a pool – reasonable, very much reasonable

god~ I am already sweating only thinking about it ^^;;

oh and THIS seems to be the most interesting for me: a How-to Free Wi-Fi-spots

see ya~

pic a day 6 – reminiscence

there are still a lot of photos I took in Japan two years ago I've yet to show~

I am not sure, if I shared the following two before, but they are two of my favourites from the whole trip

Meiji Shrine Inner Garden – Meiji Jingu Gyoen

Part of the teahouse – the light and shadows


This old man was sitting next to the pond, reading and somehow he added to the peaceful atmosphere and made me feel at ease


I remember now, I shared ths before… but those are memories of beauty, silence and peace – treasures

the day is almost over now

here in Berlin

when I posted this "6:46 silence" without a text this morning it was shortly after "praying" or rather remembering and wishing for the dead and the survivors from the earthquake two years ago – it was 14:46 in Japan

Berlin was silent this morning, covert in snow, grey

two years ago the sakura started to bloom in Kamakura, the sea in Hayama was blue and calm, the sunset that evening was beautiful

I remembered the sensation of the shaking earth, the fear in the eyes of people surrounding me, the watches stopped in time
the small electronic store which had generator where we saw the first pictures of this huge wave – and couldn't grasp what we saw
the silence the next day when we arrived back in Tokyo, Shinjuku
the crying woman in the small alley

although being Kamakura that moment where it wasn't that strong – the pure length of it made~

I also remember how I was sitting on top of Victoriapark, in Berlin Kreuzberg, three month later, at night trying to put into words the mixture of frustration, fear, anger, sadness, helplessness which had shaken me and still was about to turn my life upside down

I am back on track now – but I won't forget



at 14:46


from tonight News Zero